5 things I learned in 2019

Somehow, today is the 30th December 2019. I don't know where the year has gone, but honestly I'm glad it's over. This has been a challenging year for so many of us in so many ways. 2019 rounds out 10 years of upheaval, both in a big political sense and a smaller, more personal one. … Continue reading 5 things I learned in 2019

MUSIC: Stress-free Study Tunes

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and students across the country are hidden away inside libraries and artificially lit bedrooms, buried beneath post-it notes and books larger than their heads. Exam season is upon us. I’m very pleased to say this will be my last exam season … Continue reading MUSIC: Stress-free Study Tunes

MUSIC: Tunes to Shake the January Blues

Every New Year’s Day, my mum takes down the Christmas decorations. She says it’s bad luck to keep them up any later but I suspect this ritual is more to do with reducing the amount of stuff that needs dusting. Usually nobody minds; squeezing past the Christmas tree, holding your breath for fear of knocking … Continue reading MUSIC: Tunes to Shake the January Blues