ISRAEL / PALESTINE: the Good, the Bad, and the Holy

Sunkissed streets. Parisian-style pedestrian crossings. Bauhaus buildings on every corner, all curved lines and thermometer windows. Pride flags flying from rooftops and pasted onto shop windows. Walls decorated with multicoloured hearts and topless women. An anatomical diagram of the vulva tacked onto a tree. Bar after bar after bustling bar. Buskers on street corners. Hot … Continue reading ISRAEL / PALESTINE: the Good, the Bad, and the Holy

DEFYNE: Dreams and their Aftershocks

Photo credit: Michael J. Needham Monday 6th March 2017 has been blocked out on my calendar since the end of last year. That’s when LSE Dance Club began preparing its annual dance show, conceptualising, schematising and planning the next big venture for our society. After a kickass show last year, all of us were eager … Continue reading DEFYNE: Dreams and their Aftershocks