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Here’s where you can find all the other things I do. I’m a busy bee, so I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  • Instagram – regular posts about mental health, politics, and culture
  • YouTube – where I make music and chat to the camera
  • Goodreads – follow me as I try and conquer my unreasonably long TBR list
  • “Awrah (عورة)” – a visual exploration of the politics of being Muslim in a Western society. This short documentary was co-created by Lamisa Khan, Hayley Rabet and yours truly. It dissects the multifaceted experiences of young Muslim women through the lens of fashion, with the intention of challenging stereotypes by uncovering the covered
  • “Calming Touch” – a BBC photo-story on recovery and the power of objects, featuring me and my guitar
  • “The self-care tips that helped me deal with my eating disorder” – a BBC Newsbeat story on eating disorders recovery, including self-care tips from Laura Phelan and myself