WELLBEING: Self-lovin’ 101

Do you ever have those days when you feel worthless? When you feel repulsed by yourself and everything you do? Don’t worry: you’re not alone. From Winston Churchill to Abraham Lincoln, even the greats of history have had to face depression. Clinical depression may affect a small portion of the population, but for a lot of … Continue reading WELLBEING: Self-lovin’ 101

FOOD: #CookforSyria Experiments 2.0

My mum’s best friends came to stay last week. Whenever Susan and Helen come round, lovely people that they are, they always come baring baked goodies. Susan’s tiffin is renowned and Helen's flapjack mysteriously disappears as soon as it is unwrapped. Emboldened by the (near) success of my Syrian fatti dajaj, I volunteered to return … Continue reading FOOD: #CookforSyria Experiments 2.0

MUSIC: Tunes to Shake the January Blues

Every New Year’s Day, my mum takes down the Christmas decorations. She says it’s bad luck to keep them up any later but I suspect this ritual is more to do with reducing the amount of stuff that needs dusting. Usually nobody minds; squeezing past the Christmas tree, holding your breath for fear of knocking … Continue reading MUSIC: Tunes to Shake the January Blues

FOOD: #CookforSyria Experiments

Middle Eastern food has got to be my favourite cuisine. Subtle spices and sweet fruits, doughy breads and falafel, halva and labneh and moutabal...the flavours dance right off the tongue. Since visiting Jordan last year I’ve fallen in love with this style of cooking. I ate so well in the Hashemite Kingdom that I got … Continue reading FOOD: #CookforSyria Experiments

HELLO: The Awkward First Post…

Hello. *shuffles nervously* How are you? Good, I'm ok, thanks. What's that? I look a bit anxious? Well, yes, haha, I suppose I am...I don't usually...talk to people on the internet. I'm new here. Well, ok, not entirely new. I did start playing Neopets when I was about eight. But, yeah, anyway, you don't need to … Continue reading HELLO: The Awkward First Post…