Top 5 reads of 2018

I was once a notorious bookworm. Nothing could come between me and and my reading time: not sleep, not family get-togethers, not even the Lord's day. I vividly remember hiding from the youth group leader behind the velveteen curtains of the theatre we hired for church services, risking and eventually bearing her wrath because I … Continue reading Top 5 reads of 2018

Modest Fashion Week 2017

Fashion season is upon us. The first of the biannual fashion weeks to grace the streets of London this year, A/W 2017 has been fabulous, dahling. As usual, the big brands haven’t shied away from all things high-concept and artsy (see Molly Goddard’s tea party and Gareth Pugh’s gothic bunker for a taste of London Fashion Week extravagance). … Continue reading Modest Fashion Week 2017