RECOVERY: Time to Talk Day Speech

Time to Talk Day is an annual mental health awareness day. Organised by Time to Change, the anti-stigma campaign by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, it aims to get people talking about mental health. This year, Mind arranged for employees to talk about their own experiences of mental ill health. Below you can find the text … Continue reading RECOVERY: Time to Talk Day Speech

WELLBEING: What the hell is #CleanEating?

Content warning: detailed discussion of food/health/diet and eating disorders Click the purple links for external resources 🙂 Cleanliness is close to godliness, the Victorians used to say. It’s compelling logic: if the reward for having a bath was Zeus-worthy glory, I’d be pretty eager to stay squeaky-clean. No surprise that this kind of thinking has … Continue reading WELLBEING: What the hell is #CleanEating?

POLITICS: I was a Corbyn sceptic, but now he’s won my vote

Fact-checking is cool: click the blue links for external resources It was the summer of 2015. Glorious August sunshine smiled upon the graveyard of my local church-turned-arts-centre-turned-politics-hub. We were queuing to see Andy Burnham, parliamentary party favourite for Labour’s new leader, speak about his vision for resurrecting Labour from its humiliating election defeat. I was … Continue reading POLITICS: I was a Corbyn sceptic, but now he’s won my vote

MUSIC: Stress-free Study Tunes

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and students across the country are hidden away inside libraries and artificially lit bedrooms, buried beneath post-it notes and books larger than their heads. Exam season is upon us. I’m very pleased to say this will be my last exam season … Continue reading MUSIC: Stress-free Study Tunes

ISRAEL / PALESTINE: the Good, the Bad, and the Holy

Sunkissed streets. Parisian-style pedestrian crossings. Bauhaus buildings on every corner, all curved lines and thermometer windows. Pride flags flying from rooftops and pasted onto shop windows. Walls decorated with multicoloured hearts and topless women. An anatomical diagram of the vulva tacked onto a tree. Bar after bar after bustling bar. Buskers on street corners. Hot … Continue reading ISRAEL / PALESTINE: the Good, the Bad, and the Holy

DEFYNE: Dreams and their Aftershocks

Photo credit: Michael J. Needham Monday 6th March 2017 has been blocked out on my calendar since the end of last year. That’s when LSE Dance Club began preparing its annual dance show, conceptualising, schematising and planning the next big venture for our society. After a kickass show last year, all of us were eager … Continue reading DEFYNE: Dreams and their Aftershocks

BOPO: Modest Fashion

Fashion season is upon us. The first of the biannual fashion weeks to grace the streets of London this year, A/W 2017 has been fabulous, dahling. As usual, the big brands haven’t shied away from all things high-concept and artsy (see Molly Goddard’s tea party and Gareth Pugh’s gothic bunker for a taste of London Fashion Week extravagance). … Continue reading BOPO: Modest Fashion

WELLBEING: Self-care 101

Do you ever have those days when you feel worthless? When you feel repulsed by yourself and everything you do? Don’t worry: you’re not alone. From Winston Churchill to Abraham Lincoln, even the greats of history have had to face depression. Clinical depression may affect a small portion of the population, but for a lot of … Continue reading WELLBEING: Self-care 101

FOOD: #CookforSyria Experiments 2.0

My mum’s best friends came to stay last week. Whenever Susan and Helen come round, lovely people that they are, they always come baring baked goodies. Susan’s tiffin is renowned and Helen's flapjack mysteriously disappears as soon as it is unwrapped. Emboldened by the (near) success of my Syrian fatti dajaj, I volunteered to return … Continue reading FOOD: #CookforSyria Experiments 2.0

MUSIC: Tunes to Shake the January Blues

Every New Year’s Day, my mum takes down the Christmas decorations. She says it’s bad luck to keep them up any later but I suspect this ritual is more to do with reducing the amount of stuff that needs dusting. Usually nobody minds; squeezing past the Christmas tree, holding your breath for fear of knocking … Continue reading MUSIC: Tunes to Shake the January Blues