HELLO: The Awkward First Post…

Hello. *shuffles nervously*

How are you? Good, I’m ok, thanks. What’s that? I look a bit anxious? Well, yes, haha, I suppose I am…I don’t usually…talk to people on the internet. I’m new here. Well, ok, not entirely new. I did start playing Neopets when I was about eight. But, yeah, anyway, you don’t need to know about Neopets…not like I still play on it…haha.

You’re right, I need to relax. I need to find my inner calm, channel that zen…*breathes deeply* Ok. Let’s start again, shall we?

I’m Abi and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find all sorts of things, from politics and philosophy to tea and travel. This might seem a little patchwork; that’s because it is. But I promise there is a unifying thread and that is: breaking boundaries. This blog is a place where the secretive and convoluted comes to die. My mission is to break the ice wherever it may be, whether that means explaining Rousseau’s theory of the ‘general will’ or retelling the great tragedy of my love life. It’s gonna be kooky, quirky, a little nerdy, but ultimately, I hope, good fun. Consider this a cordial invitation to join me in indulging that restless curiosity about the crazy world we’ve found ourselves in.

Now, shall I make us a brew?

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